Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to bigshots golf Welcome to bigshots golf Welcome to bigshots golf

Welcome to BigShots Golf

We're all about bringing people together and providing a place where you can play as big as you live. Catch up with friends and family, feel the high of hitting that perfect shot and share laughs as you make new memories. Date night, or fun family outing, private party or a casual Sunday brunch or work night party. We have mouthwatering menus with all your favourites, and a passionate team that is dedicated to making sure you have the maximum amount of fun at BigShots Golf.

We're entertaining, not serious. Matchless, not trendy. Unexpected, and never average.

We can't wait to welcome you!

Breaking New ground
Our Story

Breaking New Ground

BigShots Golf is transforming the game of golf to make it accessible and fun for everyone. We have developed cutting edge ball tracking technology and created colourful, virtual games so that even a total beginner can step up and swing on to have fun!

Started in the US as an exciting new entrant into the competitive socialising industry. In 2018 the company entered into a joint venture with Club Corp US to expand across North America and in Winter 2021 BigShots Golf launched its first site in the UK at BigShots Golf Northwick Park, Harrow, North London.

The team behind BigShots Golf are as serious about their fun as they are about their food. Keen players, partygoers, sports fans and foodies, they are committed to bringing their passion to as wide an audience as possible.

Watch this space for more news as we continue to develop our Northwick Park site into something extraordinary, with more indoor games and outdoor dining spaces planned for 2022. We’re only just getting started!

The Ultimate Family Experience

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