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Dine overlooking our range and the golf course. Blue Zenzer is an Indian restaurant with an Italian twist. With a relaxed atmosphere, alfresco dining and a mix of both authentic & modern cuisine prepared by using only the finest and freshest ingredients.

The brainchild of the team behind Blue Ginger, a successful Indo-Oriental restaurant in Kenton Road, Harrow, Blue Zenzer offers a deliciously different dining experience & since it opened in May 2008, has attracted visitors from across the borough and beyond.

£15.99 per person for 2 courses & a drink
Available Mon – Fri, 12pm – 4pm

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Food Menu

Loaded Nachos (V) £12.50

Guacamole, melted cheese, tomato salsa,
sour cream & jalapeños

9 Wings Basket £8.50

Served with buffalo, BBQ sauce or crusted in buttermilk

Olives (VG) £5
Garlic Bread (V) £5.5
Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) £6
Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread (V) £6.5
Hummus with foccacia bread (VG) £8.5
Mogo Picante (VG) £9
spicy mogo in pomodoro sauce (VG) £9.5

Fried cassava tossed in basil flavoured spicy tomato sauce.

Dust fried fish £9.5

Dust fried seabass tossed in spicy tomato sauce.

Spinach & artichoke formaggio (V) £11.5

Cheese dip with pimiento, mushrooms, artichoke & spinach garlic bread.

Paneer in red pesto (V) £12.5

Paneer cheese tossed in spicy red pepper & tomato sauce.

Grilled paneer in green pesto (V) £12.5

Grilled paneer marinated in green chilli pesto, onion & pepper.

Chilli garlic prawns £13.5

Spicy tiger prawns, toast & lemon salad.

Dust fried calamari tub £9

Served with spicy pineapple salsa.

Halloumi fries (V) £8

Fresh halloumi in a golden crust served with sweet chilli sauce.

Padron peppers (VG) £7

Grilled padron peppers tossed in garlic olive oil.

Crispy red chilli cauliflower (VG) £6

Served with a teriyaki dip.

Chicken Milanese £19.50

Grilled chicken breast resting on a bed of fettuccine
alfredo & topped with a pepper & caper relish

Pan Fried Tilapia (GF) £19.50

Pan fried tilapia served on a bed of herbed potato accompanied with green peas & pimientos topped with caper butter sauce

The double decker burger £16

Double beef burger, pepper relish, cheese, pickled & sweet onions, gherkins & burger sauce

Ultimate vegan burger(VG) £12

Pea & spinach patty, crushed avocado, salad & chipotle sauce

The Birdie Burger £12.5

Juicy buttermilk chicken thighs with garlic aioli, fresh salad & coleslaw

The Spicy Birdie £12.5

Piri Piri grilled chicken with crumbled goats cheese & fresh salad

Arrabiata (V) £11

Pasta tossed in spicy tomato & basil sauce

Saffron Alfredo Fradiable (V) £13

Pasta tossed in spicy saffron flavoured alfredo sauce with sweetcorn, bell peppers, asparagus & spinach

Pesto (V) £13.50

Pasta tossed in olive oil, garlic, chilli flakes & basil pesto

Zenzero (V) £13.50

House special with spicy tomato sauce, spinach,
asparagus, broccoli, pine nuts, touch of cream & feta crumble

Pesto with chicken £16

Pasta tossed in olive oil, garlic, chilli flakes, basil pesto & grilled chicken

Fra diable £16

House special with prawns, spicy tomato sauce, spinach,
asparagus, pine nuts, touch of cream & feta crumble

chicken and spinach £14.5

Pasta tossed in butter, white wine, lemon, pine nuts, spinach, mushrooms & chicken

Seafood (healthy option) £17

Pasta tossed in mixed seafood, roasted mushrooms, chillies, cherry tomato & vodka


The classic, just cheese & tomato

Nduja £11

Spicy sausage, peppers & jalapeños

Pepperoni £11

Spicy pepperoni & a sprinkle of oregano

Chicken Tikka £14.5

The Indo-Italian pizza with classic chicken tikka, onion, mint & coriander

Zenzero hot (V) £13.5

House special spicy pizza with all the chillies (green, red & jalapeños), mixed peppers & black olives

Veg chilli coriander (V) £13.5

The Indo-Italian pizza with mixed peppers & sweetcorn,
marinated in fresh chillies, coriander & turmeric

Hot chilli paneer (V) £13.5

Red & green chillies, red onion, mushrooms,
bell peppers, garlic & paneer

Chicken chilli coriander £15

The Indo-Italian pizza with chicken, marinated
in fresh chillies, coriander & turmeric

Veggie sizzler (V) £12

Green chillies, jalapeños, mixed peppers & red onion.

Picante potato chips (VG) £6
Cajun Potato Wedges (VG) £5
Skin on fries (VG) £5
Curly Fries (VG) £5
Margherita Pizza (V)
Spaghetti in Tomato sauce (VG)
Penne in cream sauce (V)
Chicken Nuggets with fries
Fish Gujon with fries
Selection of ice creams & sorbets £2.50

Choose from – strawberry, vanilla, chocolate,
banana, pistachio, caramel cherry or bubble gum. Lemon & mango sorbets available

Signature sweet waffle £6.5

Fluffy waffles served with delicious pistachio
ice-cream & hot chocolate pouring sauce

Caramel Churros £6.5

With a light caramel inside & a cinnamon sugar crunch on the outside. Dunk in our indulgent caramel sauce

Warm Brownie £7.50

Heavenly chocolate brownie served with
vanilla ice-cream

Molten Chocolate Cake £9.5

Oozing melted chocolate with clotted cream
& strawberries

Chocola-tee pizza (shareable) £30

Chocolate pizza topped with macarons, choco
éclair, fruits, ice-cream & other surprises!

Drinks Menu

Passionate Love £7

Fresh mint, lime, cane sugar blended strawberries & passion juice

Mokito (Classic, Strawberry & Passion) £7

Fresh mint, lime, cane sugar & ginger beer

Virgin Colada £7

Pineapple juice with coconut cream.

Mai Tai Spritz £7

A totally tropical drink with a blend of grenadine, pineapple & orange juice

Summer Dream £7

Cranberry & apple juice with lemonade & citrus fruits

Cosmopolitan Cooler £7

A cool shake of cranberry & lime with a twist of orange topped with soda

Pornstar Martini £9

A seductive & intensely flavoured martini, combining Ecuadorian passionfruit with Madagascan bourbon vanilla & zesty lime juice

Mojito (Strawberry, Mango & Passion) £9

One of the world’s most popular cocktails & a favourite. White rum muddled with lime & sugar with a hint of mint

Pina Colada (Also available in Strawberry) £9

The taste of the Caribbean with a creamy blend of rum, coconut & pineapple

Long Island Ice Tea £9

With the same amber hue as an iced tea, but serving up a stronger brew with vodka, gin, light rum & triple sec with Coca-Cola

Daiquiri (Strawberry, Mango & Passion) £9

White Rum, fresh fruit and lime juice blended with ice. A flamboyant drink.

Espresso martini £9

A cocktail with a kick. Vodka coffee liquor & espresso

Gin Garden £9

London dry gin with English cucumber, fresh elderflower, & cloudy apple juice

Bellini (Passion fruit, raspberry & peach) £9

Sparkling Prosecco with fresh fruit puree.

Mai Tai £9

A totally tropical Tiki cocktail. A fruity, colourful blend of two types of rum, grenadine, fresh pineapple & orange juice

Tropical Watermelon Rumball £9

Summer in a glass. Watermelon, Red Bull & rum topped with ice

Smooth Swing Margarita £9

Tequila, lime juice & a salt rim

Aperol Spritz £9

A summer crush of bitter oranges balanced with bubbles

French Martini £9

An elegant & fruity cocktail. Vodka, Chambord & fresh pineapple juice

Cosmopolitan £9

A blend of vodka, Cointreau & cranberry juice

Dark N Stormy £9

How to drink like a pirate. A delicious spicy blend of dark rum & ginger beer with a squeeze of fresh lime

Jack Daniels Bees Knees £9

A Prohibition era classic bringing the colour of southern sunshine in a glass. Jack Daniels’ Tennessee honey, fresh orange & lemon juice, topped with soda water

Negroni £9

A ruby red aperitif with a sophisticated balance of bitter Campari & aromatic vermouth, mixed with gin

Golfers Gimlet (Classic – Lemon Or Lime) £9

CÎroc vodka simply blended with fresh lime & garnished
with basil

Margarita £30
Gin Garden £30
Mojito £30
Aperol £30
Passion Fruit Juice £20
Aerated Drinks £3.20

Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Lemonade

Aerated Drinks Bottle £3.20

Coke, Diet Coke, Tonic, Slimline Tonic & Flavoured Tonic

Fresh Lime Soda £4.50

Sweet, salted, masala

Juices £2

Orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice

Passion Juice £4 / £6 / £20
Still / Sparkling Water 750ml £2
Montepulciano D'Abruzzo - Italy

Bright red plums, blackberry & thyme.
Palate is soft light & fresh.
175ml - £5 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £22

Merlot, Lounge Roche - France

Soft & elegant with a ripe damson
fruit character, subtle tannin
175ml - £6 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £23

Rioja, Ramon Bilbao - Spain

Fruit-driven style, with aromas of
plums, red berries & black berries.
175ml - £8 | 250ml - £10 | 75cl - £29

Malbec, Melodias - Argentina

A rich wine with violet hues,
redolent of plums & cherries
175ml - £7 | 250ml - £10 | 75cl - £28

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cannonball - USA

Features aromatic tiers of ripe mulberry,
spiced black tea & purple floral notes.
175ml - £9 | 250ml - £12 | 75cl - £32

Pino Grigio Blush - Italy

Aromatic with delicate citrus notes; crisp & refreshing on the palate.
175ml - £6 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £22

Embrujo Rosado Garnacha - Spain

A bouquet of roses, the mouth. A bowlful of strawberry and raspberry.
175ml - £6 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £22

Cotes de provence rose - France

Crisp, dry & elegant on the palate, with red cherry, citrus & red apple.
175ml - £8 | 250ml - £10 | 75cl - £26

Chateau, Picpoul De Pinet Beaugaran - France

Fine fresh, fruity & floral aromas with
overtones of citrus fruit.
175ml - £8 | 250ml - £10 | 75cl - £26

Chardonnay, Les Mougeottes - France

Dry yet rounded on the palate with
pineapple & peach aromas
175ml - £7 | 250ml - £9 | 75cl - £26

Chardonnay, Fonte Dela Vigna - Italy

Straw-yellow light greenish hue intense aroma, with tropical fruit & flowers
175ml - £7 | 250ml - £9 | 75cl - £26

Sauvignon Blanc, Lanya - Italy

Pale lemon with green hues, the nose
is fresh & lemony with herbaceous notes
175ml - £7 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £22

Pinot Grigio, Via Nova - Italy

Easy to drink. Dry white
175ml - £6 | 250ml - £8 | 75cl - £22

Petit Chablis, Oliver Tricon - France

Zippy with lemon & other citrus fruits,
mineral & beautifully balanced
175ml - £8 | 250ml - £13 | 75cl - £32

Processo, Stelle D'Italia £25

Delicate lemony character & an aromatic,
dry, refreshing finish

Champagne, Jacquart - France £45

The bouquet is lovely & fresh with fruity grape
& pear hints mingling with intense notes of bread crust

Champagne, Jacquart Rose - Italy £45

A deliciously elegant, rounded, fruity style with hints of cherry & wild strawberry

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