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You don’t have to be a pro to have fun playing games at BigShots Golf. Take a swing at our interactive games that level the playing field for everyone!

You can select your number of shots and ability to make your gaming experience tailored to you.

If you’d rather practice than play, we’ve got you covered to with range features and virtual courses.


For Little Shots learning to direct their swing! Knockout is full of colourful graphics that each have their own points attached. Play your ball through the object to collect their points.

A BigShots family favourite. Land your ball anywhere on the range and watch the games screen as the ball moves around earning points. Great for engaging little ones into the game of golf.

Perfect for target practice once you’ve got your eye in. Go through the levels by hitting the Islands marked by our coloured targets on the range, earn points and avoid the hazard areas!

For the BIG hitters! Challenge your pals to a long drive competition and see who can hit it the furthest. Great for letting out the days frustrations and staying competitive.


Nerd out with Range Mode and get performance stats after every swing. Nail down your stroke, brag about your ball speed, and dial in every club. Want to get more data? Download the free TrackMan app at select venues and track all your stats directly from your phone. You’ll never need a caddie again.


If you’re not at a pro golfer status but want to play where the best have, here you can, as BigShots Golf takes you to some of the most prominent courses around the globe without the real-world expenses.

Experience iconic courses to get a taste of what the pros play every week!


At BigShots, we host a monthly Trackman competition where our members compete in challenges from Bullseye to Hit it via the trackman app. Ask our team for more info or check out who’s the number 1 below.


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